Day 15: Homeward Bound

We’d had typical weather for Ireland this time of year: partly cloudy, cloudy, mostly cloudy, and rainy. Temperature ranged from only forty to fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, I laughed when I saw the “Spring Arrivals” at Ashford Castle when we were there.Spring Arrivals at Kylemore

Yet for the past seven straight days the sun had shined brilliantly. We knew it had to end. Sure enough, snow began to fall from a slate gray sky as we taxied down the runway at Dublin Airport. That was fine. Nothing could detract from the vivid images fixed in my mind.

Sheep on the Meadow

Colorful SheepFleecy white sheep on verdant Connemara hillsides, many ewes bearing colors. Why? Rams are sometimes put into a harness at mating time. The harnesses have a colored, waxy block in them, which leave a mark on the ewe when mounted, so owners know which ewes have been mated with and which have not. After three weeks the color of the crayon is changed. Any ewe that is re-mated gets the second color on her. This one’s been busy.

And then the babies come.

Baby Lambs Closeup






Dazzling color came in the ubiquitous Western Gorse, an evergreen shrub prevalent in countries of Western Europe.

These vibrant hues of green, pink, blue, yellow all combined to lighten the gray days. The glorious red-orange of a Renvyle sunset completed the color spectrum.

Stay lovely, Ireland. Then again, I know you cannot help yourself.

Renvyle Sunset



Author: Tricia Pimental

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tricia Pimental's second memoir, A Movable Marriage, has received 5 Star reviews from both Epic Book Quest and Readers' Favorite. It's available on Amazon in both Kindle ( and print ( versions. She is also the author of two Royal Palm Literary Award Competition-honored books: Rabbit Trail: How a Former Playboy Bunny Found Her Way, and Slippery Slopes. Other work has appeared in International Living Magazine; A Janela, the quarterly magazine of International Women in Portugal; and anthologies compiled by the Florida Writers Association and the National League of American Pen Women. A member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and a former Toastmaster, Ms. Pimental resides in Portugal. She can be reached at and on Twitter @Tricialafille.

7 thoughts on “Day 15: Homeward Bound”

  1. Dear Tricia, I’ve been meaning to write you to say how thoroughly I enjoyed your blog about your Irish trip. I actually suffered some withdrawal symptoms when it ended, lol!!! As a native, you and you family put me to shame with all the places visited and history “collected”. My husband and I are just back from a 3 week stint in Ireland and London. We drove around West Cork and Kerry and revisited old haunts! Thankfully the weather was more benign than during your trip! Keep up the good work of promoting Ireland. Hopefully we’ll get to meet soon. Bjs Pat.

    P.S. Have you registered with the Irish Association in Lisbon? On 16th June every year there is an event in the Ambassador’s residence in Restelo in Lisbon celebrating “Bloomsday” ( the day on which James Joyce’s Ulysses is set). There will be readings from the book and songs from that period followed by canapes and drinks. There are also lots of other events organised throughout the year which might interest you too.


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    1. Pat, Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m glad you had a successful journey!
      And special thanks for the reminder about Bloomsday. Someone else had mentioned it to me and promised he’d send a reminder (he still may) but now I will write it down. Hope to see you there. 🙂 T.


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